Glass Mountain

Horticultural Pumice

LITE-ROCK™ is a natural lightweight volcanic pumice soil amendment. The pumice is chemically inert, high-silica rock with a neutral pH, and contains millions of interconnecting spherical voids. This porosity give LITE-ROCK™ an extremely high capacity for water absorption, an equally high rate of water retention, and the ability to release moisture back to the plant. The high-silica content gives LITE-ROCK™ durability which eliminates the need for reapplication when recycling your potting mix:

  • Horticultural pumice improves porosity and aeration.
  • Optimizes absorption, retention, and exudation.
  • Absorbs moisture, air and nutrients to promote root growth.
  • Lightens heavy soils and increases retention in light and sandy soils.
  • Functions continuously and permanently, will not break down by cultivation.
  • Regulates feeding by prolonging the availability of any given amount of fertilizer.
  • Retains neutralizers to more permanently rectify acid or alkaline soil conditions.
  • Realizes advantages with as little as 10% addition.
  • Enhances drought tolerance.
  • Ideal for Hydroponics.