Monarch Mountain


Glass Mountain Pumice™

Since 1977, Glass Mountain Pumice™ has produced high-quality lightweight aggregate from a shield volcanic deposit near Medicine Lake in Northern California. A division of Monarch Mountain Minerals & Aggregates, LLC., Glass Mountain Pumice™ mines and processes lightweight aggregate for a variety of industrial applications. With strategically located facilities, Glass Mountain Pumice™ efficiently delivers specified lightweight aggregate pumice to customers across the Western United States by road and rail.

The Glass Mountain Pumice™ Advantage

The Glass Mountain Pumice™ deposit occurred as a result of a natural volcanic eruption thousands of years ago. The pumice was created when pressurized, super-heated magma, molten rock reached the surface and is ejected into the air. The moisture trapped in the magma boiled off as steam creating lightweight pumice. The naturally occurring pumice also has a much lower carbon footprint than other processed lightweight aggregates. In addition, the off-white color of Glass Mountain Pumice™ makes it easier and less expensive to color concrete block and brick because smaller amounts of colored pigment are required.

Glass Mountain Pumice™ Products

Glass Mountain Pumice™ Lite-Rock™ is the key ingredient for producing lightweight structural concrete, block and other building materials. The products are less labor intensive to use and less expensive to ship than traditional alternatives. Lite-Rock™ also gives manufactured concrete products an excellent Fire Endurance Rating.

  • Lightweight Structural Concrete
  • Lightweight Concrete Block
  • Lightweight Soil Amendment
  • Lightweight Precast Concrete
  • Lightweight Roof Tile
  • Lightweight Backfill
  • Lightweight Exterior Stone Veneer
  • Pumice produced naturally through volcanic activity is an environmentally-friendly alternative to other processed lightweight aggregates like expanded shale, clay, or limestone.