Horticultural Lightweight Pumice

Monarch Mountain

Soil Amendment and Conditioner

Chemically inert with a high silica content and a neutral pH, Glass Mountain Pumice™ Lite-Rock™ is an ideal natural lightweight soil amendment. With millions of interconnecting spherical voids that help aerate soil, Lite-Rock™ can absorb and retain a high capacity of water before releasing it back into vegetation and the surrounding environment slowly. In addition, the high-silica content in Lite-Rock™ provides long-term durability so reapplying the growing mixture is not necessary. A local agronomist or soil technician should be consulted for the recommended Glass Mountain Pumice™ grade product and proper application rates based on soil type.

Our Pumice (1/2” Minus) [gmp-5208] and Pumice (1/4” Minus) [gmp-5318] products are OMRI® Listed.
(Organic Materials Review Institute)

  • Will not break down through cultivation
  • Helps to regulate feeding by prolonging the availability of fertilizer
  • Retains neutralizers to more permanently rectify acid or alkaline soil conditions
  • Realizes advantages with as little as a 10% addition
  • Enhances drought tolerance
  • Ideal for Hydroponics
  • Horticultural pumice improves porosity and aeration
  • Optimizes absorption and water retention
  • Absorbs moisture, air and nutrients to promote root growth
  • Lightens heavy soils and increases retention in light and sandy soils